Hi there! My name is Will Murphy, and I'm a freelance designer currently based in the Sacramento area. 

My love for illustration and design goes back to my childhood.  My focus morphed along the way from cartooning to car design to photography, eventually becoming a blend of them all in adulthood. Like many people, my journey into this world had its twists and turns. I went off to college to study human communication at SF State and abroad at Erasmus University in the Netherlands, not 100% sure exactly where I would take my knowledge. However, my studies blended nicely with my new design practice because communication isn't just the spoken word.  Communication includes visual stimuli such as colors, typefaces, graphics, icons and the cultural meanings behind those elements. I've always been interested in impacting how people feel about something and experience it, a common thread throughout my entire creative and educational practice. 

Today, my focus is on design for business - such as branding, design for print and web, and photography. I like to understand what people feel about their business and what they want to communicate to the world. From there, I love being able to breathe life into their business identity through carefully curated graphic elements, colors, and icons.  

I'm always hungry to learn more from experienced creative professionals and the opportunities that come my way. I constantly crave feedback and to have my assumptions questioned, so if you see anything on here that you would like to give feedback, reach out any time! 

I can be reached by email at william@wmurphydesigns.com if you have any feedback, creative opportunities, or want to grab a coffee and talk design. I look forward to connecting with you! 
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