Project Overview
Tech leaders focuses on developing engineering leaders that can help start ups get off the ground. I was tasked with developing a brand identity for the company that would 1) instill trust with start up founders 2) attract up-and-coming tech professionals looking to grow their careers and 3) to express Tech Leaders and their values. 

First, the Research
My competitive audit for Tech Leaders documenting competitor strengths, weaknesses, and visual styles. 
Document identifying who the target customer is, essentially figuring out who is Tech Leaders for? 
Before taking thinking about any design concepts, I familiarized myself with the space that Tech Leaders was looking to break into. Specifically, I looked to competitors and companies offering adjacent offerings and analyzed how they talk about themselves, how they present themselves visually, and similarities among them. Based on my research, most of the competitors chose a limited color palette with one vibrant signature color that was sprinkled throughout their designs. Overall, a slightly more reserved style was favored by competitors, which I noted. 
The next component was the target customer themselves. For Tech Leaders, there is two target customers with different goals: Start up founders and skilled engineering professionals. I took to public resources to identify the demographic features of these groups to get a better understanding of how I might market them specifically. Senior software engineers tend to be in their later 30's living in larger cities in the coastal US and may have some risk aversion to joining a start up that might be slightly unstable. On the other hand, start up founders are typically between 40 and 60 years old and are juggling so much while they grow their early businesses. They too seek stability. Stability and unity became central concepts in my mind. 
Finally, I had many conversations with current Tech Leader employees and leadership to understand what they desired for their brand, what they felt they represented, and how they wanted to be seen by the world. 
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